8 September 2008

Jaguar XJ220

Seen today in Berlin on the corner of our street.

Jaguar XJ220 Supercar
A Jaguar XJ220 supercar - built between 1992 and 1994. It held the record for the highest top speed for a production supercar (350km per hour) until the McLaren F1 came along in 1994.

Apart from the impressive stats, this paragraph caught my eye when reading about it on the website of the UK Jag Enthusiasts:

"In May 1991, the car passed its crash test with flying colours first time – rearward displacement of the steering wheel was only 13mm and all the glazing stayed in place and the doors still opened normally, even the headlights and front tyres survived. For the roll-over simulation test pressure was exerted on the roof to test that the car could withstand the required level of 1.5 times the vehicle’s body weight – over 2000kg for the XJ220. The test was discontinued at a downward pressure of 10 tons with no body deformation. Not even the windscreen was cracked."
One safe car! Plus, it's a beauty. Considering that it's now over 15 years old, the shape is still quite modern.