17 February 2008

We've been tagged - by CG again!

I don't mind this tag as it's short, sweet and interesting.

CG's answers are

Here are mine:

1. Pick up the nearest book of at least 123 pages

Rigged by Ben Mezrich
The true story of an Ivy League kid who changed the world of oil from Wall Street to Dubai.

2. Open the book to Page 123 and quote the 5th sentence:

"I grew up one hundred yards from here," Gallo grunted, slipping his phone back into his overcoat and finally relighting his cigar.

3. Post the next 3 sentences:

"I still own the house where my grandfather washed dishes to pay for a little space in the attic, after he came through Ellis Island. 'Course, I don't live there anymore. But it stays in the family."

4. Tag 5 people:
I won't tag anyone, but I'll throw it open to anyone who might want to do the tag - it is fun and short!


BuJ said...

hello! interesting tag! I love it :-)
I knew if I'd tagged you, you will take ages, but with CG the results are FedExed :)

hey, does this cousin of ours realise that dubai has very little oil?

hope you're enjoying life down-under.. i heard the lovely Cat Empire are upto their old antics again

nzm said...

Hey BuJ - I would have leapt at the tag if you had tagged me! ;-) It's just that I have so little time to blog nowadays, that I have to make time on the weekends. (or bugger my back at the gym which I did yesterday and which forces me onto the couch for enforced rest!)

Since when does a lack of anything in Dubai make it a reason not to do anything? LOL AND the invite to the NY Merc came from Sh. Maktoum - not the other way around. In the book, the idea meets with great scepticism in NY, but they are wooed over once they have visited the UAE!

Oz is great. Cat Empire played here not long ago, but I didn't see them. They're actually more popular overseas than they are here in their own country!

We've had gorgeous weather over the weekend - brilliant 32degC days and sunny.

nzm said...

Oh - and I wrote more about Rigged in My next post.

BuJ said...

NZM.. good to hear that.. you know i miss the cool posts on this blog.. and have to remind myself every month or so to log here to see what's new! You guys have a talent with photography, shame you don't blog more often!

khalas.. next time I'll tag you asap.. but i don't get that many tags these days! we'll see.. anyway i'm quite busy myself these days.. so i tend to blog less but compensate by reading other posts and commenting when i have some time..

hope ur back is feeling better today NZM :)

i got a very welcome text from old friends in brisbaine yesterday.. they were at the CAT Empire's concert.. man.. i love that band, and ur right.. they are much more popular abroad.. mind you.. when i went to their london gig a few yrs ago.. most of the guys there were ozzies (with some kiwis) :)
i must have been the only arab hehehehehehehe

32 C.. oh boy.. last night i had to remove the frost off my car to be able to drive home and it was just 9pm!!!

CG said...

Excellent post, as predicted.

I would not tag you if it was one of the silly ones (Like buj normally tags me with...ahem), but I knew you would do this one well.

nzm said...

BuJ: thanks for the kudos - I'll certainly try to blog more often. It's not as if I don't have anything to post, it just seems to be lack of time.

Back's better thanks, so it's back to the gym tomorrow.

I don't envy you the cold weather - love the heat!

CG: thanks - I do enjoy the short tags like this one!

BuJ said...

Oye CG.. why don't you go find a maid to fry?

You're just harder to please ya CG, as opposed me having silly tags.. let's be honest...

Anyway, tis was a good tag as predicted.. let's tag Rashid :)

kaya said...

YES, A short and sweet tag.

M thankyou for the truckload of all the goodies.