26 January 2008


Something resembling normal transmission will resume once the Australian Open is over tomorrow. The matches have been stunning to watch.


CK said...

It's about time you made an announcement. What's it been? Close to three weeks since your last post - LOL :)

I'm truly disappointed that Justine and Roger crashed out of this tournament. I was so eager to see them play the finals and then win in style, as they always do :(

Jayne said...

I thought you'd gone AWOL!

Yes Sir said...

no comment

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Some super matches. I watched some, listened to some on the radio when they were at 4 a.m. (!!!)barracked for the honey from France and was disappointed when he lost the final. That last match - we watched on TV, then had to go to Tullamarine so I only saw the final 20 minutes there in a huddle of people as we forgot to watch out for our loved ones coming out into Arrivals!

Seabee said...

So that's where you've been.

i*maginate said...

Haha. I luv tennis!

{Ich liebe Tennis ;-) }

nzm said...

Heh - thanks for the comments, you guys!

I was disappointed that Justine and Lindsay crashed out so early, but Maria was just so focussed and classy, you could tell from early on that she was going to win. Casey Dellacqua did Australia proud, as did Eva and Jelena for Serbia.

Those Serbians are a major force - with Eva, Jelena, Novak and Janko - what a dream team.

The Baghdatis-Hewitt match was a tour de force - finishing at 4:33am after starting at 11pm! Totally brilliant.

Tsonga knocking out Nadal was just beautiful to watch. My God, that man is just everywhere over the court and so elegant with it. He looks like a young Muhammad Ali.

Novak taking out Federer was awesome. Roger hadn't played that well in any of his matches. He was taken to 5 sets by Janko Tipsarevic and it wasn't a comfortable journey.

Fed and Rafa were stunned!

The women's final was thrilling to watch, but the men's final was pure class. Novak had to dig deep. If either Tsonga or Djokovic had won, the crowd would have been equally happy, but it was great to see Novak win his first Grand Slam.

The doubles were very good to watch too. Sania Mirza did really well and India can be extremely proud of her.