24 November 2007

Moon over Melbourne

The moon rose over a nation with a new government as Australians voted Labor into power, ending the 11 year long John Howard Coalition rule.

As I write, Kevin Rudd is making his inaugural speech as Prime Minister, and it appears that Labor won a 5+% increase in margin

One thing's for sure.

For the ordinary people, life goes on - no matter who's in charge.


Kishor Cariappa said...

For the ordinary people, life goes on - no matter who's in charge.

120% agree with you. Is Rudd a blue-eyed boy of Bush?

nzm said...

Probably not as much as Howard, but in his inaugural speech, he made special mention of Australia's American friends, before going on to say that he also looks forward to meeting and dealing with other countries in Asia and Europe!

Rudd speaks fluent Mandarin, so that won him many points when he was able to freely converse with the Chinese delegation to the September APEC conference in Sydney.

He also sounds less whiny than Howard, but we'll see how he is after a few years in the job!

BuJ said...

change is always good! Good riddance to John!

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

We were visiting friends in Werribee and watched it all on a big screen. A consistent swing all over Australia. Even Corangamite went to Labour - part of Geelong and rural western Victoria. I voted Green but am satisfied with the outcome.

Keefieboy said...

Oh come on, you can't have a Prime Minister called Kevin! Whatever next? Keefie?

nzm said...

BuJ: obviously a lot of people thought that in Oz, too! What couldn't have helped him was that a 3rd Australian soldier died in Afghanistan on the day before the election.

A friend of mine commented that Howard will now most likely assume some sort of diplomatic post. I suggested that they might like to make him Australian Consul to Iraq!

Wendy: It was amazing to watch wasn't it? It was evident from very early on that Labor was going to slide in. Over 80 seats in Parliament, they reckon.

Keefie: NZ had a PM with your name - except that he used it in its more formal version!

Of course, all the comedians are having a ball. They want him to appear as a character in South Park so that somebody can kill Kevin, not Kenny!

Seabee said...

Like BLiar in the UK, Rudd seems to have taken his party to where the conservatives used to be before they lurched to the far right. It's called Labor but if he does what he says he'll do it's a conservative party.

Keefieboy, that was a huge negative for him - I never thought we'd vote in a PM called Kevin! Still, in Oz every name is abbreviated so he'll be PM Kev.

nzm said...

Seabee: he just doesn't suit Kev though!

Kishor: I might have to take that comment back about "not as much as Howard". Rudd's first overseas trip will be to America!

Aussie said...

Hmmm. I know this is somewhat off topic, but ... great photo! Is it real? I grew up in Melbourne and never managed to see a moon quite like that!! Sensational!

nzm said...

Aussie: welcome to our blog! I've only just discovered yours.

Yes, that is a real image - taken from our balcony in Port Melbourne.

I was really pleased to get this as it was a bit cloudy and was cursing the fact that on one of the few occasions each year where the full moon rose in this position, I was going to miss it.

Luckily the clouds just cleared enough for me to get a few images before the moon disappeared again!