27 November 2007

7 Kick the Can

Back in the 80s when she was a young pup, J attended university in Berlin, graduating with a degree in Computer Science.

To make ends meet, she utilised her talents as a musician to earn money. Finally, the bullying and cajoling from her father to attend endless brass band practises was paying off!

She and our good friend from Sharron de Mol's blog were part of a seven piece group called 7 Kick the Can. The band played original songs composed by the group members, and at times they were also coerced into playing covers. 7 Kick the Can was popular in Germany in their time, playing concerts and festivals around Germany and Europe. They even made a record called Fame, Fun, Fortune & Fate. (No, CDs weren’t around in those days!)

J has some great stories of her band days, including memories such as border crossings between East and West Germany; the night that her dress split open as she blew a high note; the TV cameraman aiming his camera up her very short skirt. Her mother dines out on the latter story quite a lot and apparently there’s video evidence of this event, but I’ve yet to see it!

On December 1st, (this Saturday), 7 Kick the Can is holding a reunion concert in Hamburg, Germany. J has been madly practising to get her lip in, as she hasn’t played in quite some time.

If you’re in Hamburg this weekend, make sure that you attend – tickets can be bought here!

Look out for J – she’ll be playing trumpet.

Here are some of their songs recorded in the 80s by analogue methods and now digitised. If you can’t see the player in Internet Explorer, try switching to Firefox, or click on the links to access the songs in a browser player and push the Play button to commence the download.

7 Sinners

Link to 7 Sinners


Link to Time

Missing U at Midnight

Link to Missing U at Midnight


Link to Terrible

Good luck with the concert, honey, and I wish that I could be there.


A world of Symphony said...

TIME stands out for me. It has a cool beat with a melodious horn intrusion. If remastered, it would sound even better, as an indie alternative.

I'm in for 2 units should they decide to cut a CD of this reunion concert.

Much luck to J for a grand performance at their reunion gig.

Ace em' :)

Jin said...

Good luck J!! I'm sure it'll be a blast!

Pandabonium said...

Outstanding. I hope J had fun and didn't blow her chops out!

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

I love 7 sins!

Go J and Sharron!!