9 October 2007

Rugby World Cup Quarter Final Summary

Fandango – what the Argies did to the Scotties

Unbelievable – the Ozzies bow out to the Poms

Choked - the Kiwis suffocated by the Frogs

Kings – both the Saffies and Fijians

Fiji played a better game against South Africa than Australia and New Zealand could do in their matches.

Heads should roll in the Antipodes.


Wilson said...

Cheers to Fiji for playing the best rugby match I've had the honour of watching :)

From here we can only go up ;)

Jin said...

It's been a rather splendid RWC all round (so far) dont'cha think nzm? I was on the edge of my seat for last nights England v France game & I guarantee I won't have any fingernails left by tonight's game. Go Bokke!!

nzm said...

Wilson: welcome to our blog - I've enjoyed reading yours!

Jin: You can only win from here. If the Saffies get in, you can celebrate your adopted home, if the Brits win you can secretly celebrate that and commiserate with the Bokkes!