23 August 2007

Hello..anybody out there?

Hello possums, are you still here?

Sorry for the looong silence around this blog.

We've been busy settling into Melbourne life: finding an apartment, getting into new jobs, sorting out new routines.

Our furniture arrived safely from Dubai - no damage and thankfully we were able to find an apartment into which it all fitted! One thing's for sure, Dubai apartments are very spacious in comparison to what we've seen here!

We found a great place to live and have a super landlady who has even offered us the use of her Porsche Boxster until we get a car. We haven't taken her up on that!

The public transport system is wonderful and it takes me less than 30 mins to get into my job in the city - walking and the tram.

Every Saturday, we go shopping at the South Melbourne markets for our weekly groceries. I blogged about it here when we visited Melbourne back in April. The food quality and variety is fantastic, and as a special treat once we've finished the shopping, we stop at the fish bar, buy 6 freshly shucked oysters and guzzle them down on the spot!

J is about to spend her life on planes again, as she sets up a new venture in Germany, working through our company in Dubai. It means periods of separation for us again, but shit happens!

I'll continue to blog when I find stuff to write about. Not living in Dubai and not travelling as much as we did has taken its toll on interesting things to post.

In the meantime, this is what we can see from our apartment. You can click on the images to enlarge them.

Facing north, we see the Melbourne city skyline across the rooftops.

Facing south, we see Port Phillip Bay and the port area.

This was taken on a walk around the bay and shows our apartment building.

We're looking forward to summer and shrimps on the barbie!

So - where the bloody hell are you?


Paresh said...

Welcome back. I thought you had become a statistic! Nice pictures of the apartment. The green monster rises within.

Qatar Cat said...

I am here, where have you been???

Oh yes I know, but still! I missed your updates. Please keep us posted on life in Oz. Loved the pics! Some lucky people get it all!

However, I disagree on the size of apartments. Everything I saw in Dubai is TINY!! Unless of course apartments are smaller in Oz.. in which case I feel sorry for aussies.

Glad you're back on the bloG!


Omar said...

Great to have you back posting again! I will be looking forward to reading about Melbourn, which I am cetain will have many things of interest to write about. And many photos of interest to take.

Certainly I will still be 'out' here reading your fine posts.

A world of Symphony said...

Woohoo! :)

You're askin' me? I mean are you really askin' me? (De Niro style :))

Well, in case you wanna know, I'm right here. Where are you?


Glad to see you update after what seemed like a lifetime!

How's the music scene in Melbourne? Any interesting gigs? Any tips to look out for Aussie jazz bigwigs?

Great pics as usual :)

CK said...

Beautiful pictures as usual.

Off topic; would you by any chance have Dame Kiri Te Kanawa's 'Ave Maria' in your library? I've spent an hour on Limewire without any luck. Everybody's there except Dame Te Kanawa.

Sorry for the trouble.

XXOO, Catherine

nzm said...

Good to know that you guys still visit here!

Paresh: we almost did, but we're baaaack!

QC: been reading blogs and commenting but not posting! I guess it depends on where you looked in Dxb, but in comparison to what we had there, Oz apartments are small. Some wouldn't have even fitted the beds in the bedrooms!

Omar: Thanks! I'm still an avid reader of yours, too!

Louis: lots of stuff happening here - will tell you about it when I go to anything worth telling!

Catherine: welcome! Yes, I do - and it's already on its way to you. And - it was no trouble at all!

CK said...

Thank You.

Seabee said...

Yes we're all here, it's you who was AWOL, but as you can see we've been checking in regularly to see if you'd turn up again :-)

Looks like a good spot you've chosen for the apartment.

Shaykhspeara said...

I reckon thats a dream landlady!

I'm glad you're all settling in and what a fantabulous view! I'd wanna wake up early every morning just for that!

Pandabonium said...

Lovely spot, but HA! You "snorkelpusses" (my invented invective) will have to do better than this to regain my loyalty to your blog. Melbourne must be infinitely more interesting than Dubai (that should rile a lot of folks - he he he) so no excuses for a lack of posts.

Momo the Wonder Dog said...

Don't listen to PandaB, he calls me "snorkelpuss" all the time. But where the hell have YOU been?

Wag wag wag. :=P

Shannon said...

Glad to see you back.

Miki said...

nzm- that skyline view is amazing!!

Jin said...

What a pleasure..............to read a mandj post again!!! Don't leave it so bloody long next time! Oh how I envy your view & skyline.......you've seen the stunning view from my apartment - a major bloody road junction & blingbling-lets-blind-motorists gauche gold building! *sigh*

nzm said...

Catherine: You're welcome - and I've now found your blog!

Seabee: It's the best!

Sha'ira: yeah, she's pretty good, isn't she? :-) We love our view!

Pandabonium and Momo: we'll be back more regularly soon. Good to see you still here - especially you, Momo - after nearly being carried away by the typhoon!

Shannon: thanks! Still reading your blog now that you're back in the US!

Miki: welcome and thanks! I'm really loving your images on Global Themes

Jin: ahh, but your Abu Dhabi view has a certain "je ne sais quoi" about it, n'est-ce pas? :-) Wait until you see the next post - our weekend down the Great Ocean Road - and we didn't do it on a Harley but in a Saab convertible!

Mise said...

Hey Guys ...hope you're both well...Australia? Well, you certainly get around ... Cork is work, play, work, play and boring stuff too...New job...great and lots of time on the river...

Kishor Cariappa said...

That's cool. Best wishes for your new jobs!

Brian said...

Hey NZM! Thanks for the comment on my blog pixelated pad and pen... No... I never bought the MRV mostly because I decided I didn't need another car quite that large and my existing car seemed to be hanging on after all. Seemed like a great car though. Thanks!

Paresh said...

ello - more posts please:)

CG said...

Wow, sorry for the delay in reading your delayed post...hehe.
Glad you are settled, and free from Dubai pressures....ugh...spare a thought for those of us stuck here forever.
Your view is amazing and how nice to be able to travel on public transport.
Looking forward to your lovely photographs, which I know will be coming soon.

Sandie said...

That is fantastic, we will miss u in Dubai, I went on a hol'last march around Oz but did not have time to go to Melbourne. Oz is a great place to be!!I just love nature and the greenery which we miss here in Dubai. have fun and good luck, leave an oyster or two for me, it is my favourite! (My cravings started) -sandie

BuJ said...

welcome welcome.. earth station to M&J :)

nice building u got there!