18 April 2007

Our Baby is for Sale

UPDATE: She's sold. We cried. We're sad. It was like saying goodbye to an old friend. Onwards and upwards.

Reluctantly, because of the prolonged time that we'll be spending in Melbourne over the next few months, we're selling our beloved Honda MRV.

She's carried us on many of our local adventures and we've seen beautiful parts of the UAE and Oman in safety and style. She's definitely the best vehicle that either of us have owned.

Here are the details:
~ Registered October 2004
~ Low Mileage <30,000 km
~ Excellent Condition

~ Full service history with Al Futtaim Motors
~ Desert Rock Metallic paint (Pale Gold)
~ Caring lady owners
~ Never been raced!
~ 75,000 dirhams o.n.o.

If you, or someone you know, would like to buy our baby and treat her with the respect that she deserves, you can contact us through the comments section on this blog or email us at: matdxb(at)freenet.de.


Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

Aww, parting with the beloved. Good luck with the sales :)

Sharron de Mol said...

aahw what a shame! I'll never forget how when I visited we were almost crushed by a bus on a busy crazy road but the excellent grip and agility of the baby (and your excellent driving abilities of course:)) saved us from biting the dust in dubai!! good luck, I'm sure youll sell it fast, it's a great car!

Jin said...

Awwww.........my sentiments are the same as SS. I'm sure you'll get a buyer soon :-)

PC Hilfe said...

greetings from switzerland

BuJ said...

lol this is very silly i know.. but are u replacing the driver(s) too?
maybe they have gone "nuts" loool..
ok i'll shut up.. aah..
sorry couldn't resist!

btw, hope it gets sold quickly

Brian said...

Maybe this is obvious but I wondered if it was a 2004 model, since you registered it in 2004. I'm shopping cars a bit and am curious. Also, is the Lxi model or the Exi model? Thanks. I can get you my mobile number.

Brian said...

Hi... if you still have the car please email me brian (at) 6parks.com