8 March 2007

What Dubai will look like

Hi Gang!

We're still busy, but I thought that I'd drop in to leave you with this image of what Dubai will look like when it's finished.

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Just kidding, but it's almost ironically true! Isn't it brilliant art?

Found it here with a whole lot of other fantastic images. I wish I knew who the artist was so that I could place a proper credit.

We had to again activate the anti-spam letter verification on the comments as the amount of spam was getting ridiculous. Sorry for the extra step when commenting, but I think that it's better than the option of me approving the comments before they appear. It means that any conversations in the comment section can flow, so BuJ and CG can continue their little battles of words and digs!


Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

To our favourite photographing female (and J of course:) Happy International Women's Day!

Love the image, pretty much sums it up ey? lol

nzm said...

Thanks, Sha'ira. We weren't aware that it was IWD, until I read Louis' and Wendy's blogs this morning.

The image is great. The artist must have had Dubai in mind when it was created!

A world of Symphony said...

Cool image as usual, I wouldn't be surprised though - LOL :)

Don't know why but I just love the Petronas and the Opera House.

Destitute Rebel said...

Dubai can definately turn into that one day, I won't like it at all the though. Happy IWD to you guys.

BuJ said...

Nice picture post! I one thing's missing, Burj Dubai lol

Mise said...

Asolutely sums up how Dubai and the wider UAE has been imitating the world :D

Fahad said...

Nzm ...just wanted to thank you for the comments on my blog and i have left a repy for you, and i also discovered a very informative blog... thats yours :) infact it's a great blog .. hope to see you around ..take care