1 February 2007

DIC Cyberfest 07

Dubai Internet City held a mini food festival in the amphitheatre last week. Lots of yummy food from the various stalls and some good entertainment from ethnic dance troupes.

Here are a few pics of the acts.

The Russians go Chinese

Russians do Chinese
Puppet Act
Russian Folk Dance
The Kenyans acrobats were terrific

Kenyan Acrobats 01
Kenyans Acrobats 02
The boys from the UAE coffee tent watch the dancers

Emirati boys


Lirun said...

very cool.. much focus on blogging?

Pandabonium said...

That's 007 isn't it?

The Russians go Sino because it is after all the year of the boar.

The Kenyans sent their accounting department which consists of amazing acrobats.

The UAE "coffee" boys are "wired".

Just kidding (sort of). Great pics. Looks like it was fun.

nzm said...

Lirun: No - it was just an excuse to have a food and entertainment festival. There was nothing cyber about it - apart from the Canon stand and the fact that it was held in the Internet City!

PB: and I thought that I was a conspiracy theorist! You ought to wean off those Bond DVDs!

Qatar Cat said...

Wow! Neat!