4 February 2007

Climatic Differences

From sand and smog...

Dubai airport with Emirates plane
...to snow and fog

Planes lined up to take off in the snow at Munich
Clearly, (or should that be unclearly?) the pollution issue is not going away for the UAE as proven by the image of Sharjah taken as our plane took off from DXB.

pollution covers Sharjah
We landed to a light snow covering in Munich and Berlin.

Snow at Munich
The jet trails over Berlin as we exited the plane at TXL were amazing.

Jet trails over Berlin
The next day, Samantha was back under the table - a warm refuge as she snuggled down into the bark.

Samantha Fox
People viewing the house, (it's for sale - see the top right of the blog), were enthralled that a fox would choose to sleep in the yard!


BuJ said...

me likes the pictures.. me also likes the way the roads twist and turn in an organic way in germany.. a bit like a tree's branches.

A world of Symphony said...

I like that picture of snow blanketed over Munich & Berlin :)

I miss Winter in Europe!

Jin said...

I've checked out the house - it's stunning really & I've fallen in love with the kitchen! Its sad you have to sell :-( Can't you rent it out instead?

I also miss a bit of snow now & again, but have to say I prefer the sunshine!

Momo the Wonder Dog said...

Would Samantha like to come over and play?

Pandabonium said...

I also like the aerial of the snow over Munich and Berlin.

Beautiful home.

nzm said...

BuJ: yeah, it's pretty isn't it? There are a lot of country lanes and roads like that in Germany - they seem to meander along with all the time in the world!

Louis: more snow is expected on Thursday. If it happens, I'll try to get some Berlin street scenes for you!

Jin: we love the sun too! The kitchen is great in this house. We'd love to hold onto it but need to sell it to do other things!

Momo: I'm sure she'd love to! I'll ask her the next time she visits!

Pandabonium: thanks! I don't usually take pics out of plane windows but the pilot told us that it was snowing in Munich before we left Dxb, so I knew that the weather variation between the UAE and Germany would make a good contrast!

Radha said...

Wow, those are some gorgeous photogrpahs. White winters have their own charm!

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Wonderful photos, especially the one of the city under snow. I've only seen snow in Geelong once - and that was only for a few hours and going to snow country is a treat we've only done two or three times.
I've hardly read your recent posts as they were very very slow to open up. So you've moved to Europe after all.