19 January 2007

The snake, the watch and the bracelet

I think that we're turning into boring old farts whose main pleasure in life is walking Umm Suqeim beach and seeing what we can find!

Today brought highs and lows.
Rubbish collected included glass, nails, wire, batteries and plastic bags.

We also found these:

A glass bracelet

A watch - a really nice genuine article, not a copy!

At this rate, we'll be collecting enough presents for birthdays!

We also saw a juvenile sea snake which was shedding its skin.

It was being pummeled by the surf, so M waded out to throw it back in deeper water - watched by some beachgoers.

Sadly, on our second trip down the beach, we found the snake with its head buried 5" into the sand and dead. Someone didn't like snakes and decided that should die.



Destitute Rebel said...

It looks like you guys are spending too much time on the beach, i wouldn't complain since you are doing some good and collecting birthday presents in the process, lol, I'll let you know when my birthday is and you can keep the watch for me.

moryarti said...

50 bucks for the watch .. deal or no deal?

BuJ said...

wow.. nice snake pic.. did u feel scared taking the pic? i guess it's pretty immoble while shedding the skin.

i remember i found a snake in the site i work on.. we were told we can find snakes there and they are poisionous.. so when i discovered that the noise under my foot was indeed a snake not long grass i practically legged it.. no shame!

Anonymous said...

yea I guess someone was probbaly threatened by the snake and decided to kill it. looks pretty though

Anonymous said...

Didnt know there was so much treasure to be discovered along the beaches here! :)

clayfuture said...

Off to the beach I go!

Anonymous said...

How are you getting such clarity in those photos? They're fabulous..especially the snake...

..After giving me advice on the purchase of the camera..now you'll have to teach me how to use it! :D

Lirun said...

what a stunning creature that snake was :(

are you surfing much??

nzm said...

DR: lol! We walk on it for 2 hours each day and it's awesome.

Moryarti: would you believe that the owner has claimed the watch? :-)

I posted here on the UAE Community Blog about surfers at Sunset Beach, and Camel Surfer replied. In return I mentioned the watch, and also crossposted my comment to his blog.

He then posted it on the Surfers of Dubai forum and I got an email from the owner yesterday! The watch was a gift from his father who passed away 3 years back, so it has great sentimental value to him.

BuJ: the snake was pretty docile and battered by the surf. I picked it up to throw it back into deeper water and it made no effort to struggle.

Harsha: it was a beautiful snake and although poisonous, they do not attack unless provoked.

radha: amazing, isn't it?! We found US$15 the other day - it must have been dropped by a tourist!

clayfuture: see you there! :-)

Mise: they're pretty much out of the camera like this, and I do put them into Photoshop for some minor tweaking for density and contrast. I always try to record the images so that all I have to do to them is no more than what I could do in a darkroom in the old days of film!

If you haven't got Photoshop - try Paint.NET for Windows only. It's a free program similar to Photoshop for image manipulation.

Lirun: not surfing at all - too cold and all our stuff's (wetsuits etc) in storage. One day!

kaya said...

Hey Ladies!
Long time ey.
Well I am impressed by the findings, esp the watch. Funny there were no stray string thongs?
I envy you the stroll on the beach , it must be so calming and relaxing.
Which suddenly gives me an idea.
Gotta call up my buddy Jin, and ask her out for walkies.
The snake story was sad indeed, however for someone who doesnt like snakes, to want to touch it makes my skin crawly, and then to bury that live wriggling creature.(Make no mistake I have done my share of snake stroking *BLUSH* in Bangkok and was pleasently suprised to find them smooth and dry. Another friend of mine has an anaconda/python named Julia, which he brought in from USA.

MamaDuck said...

We found a tired and storm-battered seasnake on the beach there once. It didn't look as if it would make it back to the water by itself, so our son reached down to help it out. It went for him, though it was too tired to reach. He, on the other hand, stepped back smartish!

When I lightly told a diver friend about our non-adventure, he looked at me as if I was insane, and said that if it had bitten, we'd have had just seven minutes to get our son to hospital for serum. I assume that as divers you know a few things about which sea-beasties not to shake hands with? Was he talking through the seat of his wetsuit?

nzm said...

Kaya: long time no see, my friend, and do those walks with Jin before the weather starts to get too hot again!

As for you and your *snake stroking*. I'm LOL!!!! :-)

MamaDuck: welcome quack! Yes, the seasnakes are reputed to be one of the most poisonous snakes around, so you do have to be careful with them! Our one was so weak, that it didn't have the energy to strike out.

Usually, I'm so squiffy about snakes, but had no hesitation to try to rescue this one. Now, if it had been a spider or a cockroach, I'd have been running away!

black feline said...

gee...im heading for the beach this friday..hope to have your luck...lol