25 December 2006

Fairground Attractions

All the fun of a fair!


Jin said...

Bloody stunning photos!!!

nzm said...

Thanks Jin!

Pandabonium said...

The ride with the swing seats on long chains is my favorite. There used to be one at the Maui County Fair in Hawaii each year. It feels like flying.

super pics.

nzm said...

Pandabonium: In Fiji we called it a merry-go-round to distinguish it from the traditional carousel. I don't know if this is a universal term for it, or what its origins are.

It was my favourite too! We used to hold onto the seats next to us, and when the ride got to the highest point we'd let go and push out to make us go even higher and further out! The best part was, when you swung back in, if you managed to grab hold of the person next to you, you could do it again!