30 August 2006

Today is BlogDay 2006!

We’re participating in Blog Day 2006. You can too – see the post before this one for the details.

We’re now going to tell you about 5 different blogs that we like. Apart from the closer to home UAE/Middle East blogs, we also visit blogs from other parts of the world, and these 5 are from out of the ME area, and in alphabetical order, to show our impartiality!

Fiji stories, Labasa, South Pacific culture, family, migration, A
ustralia/Fiji relationship

Peceli and Wendy write this entertaining blog filled with stories on Fiji, church life, Fijian history and traditions, and their life now in Geelong, Australia.

Interspersed with stories writt
en by Wendy and her drawings and sketches, Babasiga is a trip down memory lane for M who was also born in Fiji.

India Uncut:
Amit Varma

A professional writer and journalist, Amit is funny, factual and irreverently satirical. When not attending cricket matches in his role as consultant for Cricinfo, or commenting on the Indian blogging, political and social scene, he has conversations with his toes and has a running gag on sacred cow stories.

Bollywood actors beware - this man has little regard for your fame, and you'll find yourself flamed faster than a tandoori chicken.

Pacific Islander:
Hawaii, Japan, Fiji, and More - Life on Pacific Islands

An American who escaped mainland America, Pandabonium has lived the Pacific Island life in Hawaii, Fiji and is currently in Japan with banana-cake cooking K and Momo the wonderdog, who also puts her paws to the keyboard to help Pandabonium with the writing. Full of wonderful tales of traditions, facts and commentary, revolving around Japanese culture both in Hawaii and Japan, aviation and trombones.

The Duh-mension:
Careening merrily down my own twisted alleyway of

American Shannon is currently surviving a southern New Zealand life in Christchurch. Despite the lack of basic home essentials such as Poptarts, redemption has recently come in a passable Mexican restaurant which serves nachos with all the right trimmings for American tastebuds, including chipotle-flavoured salsa, but sadly no Margaritas or Pepsi – Coke had to be imbibed. With the aid of dubious Kiwi friends, she’s learning colloquial Kiwi, and is now acquainted with endearingly descriptive terms like Fartsack and Pak your Daks.

The World is not Flat: Our travels, your experiences

On a year-long trip around the world, Lee and Sachi Lefever are experiencing more in their year than most people do in a lifetime. Leaving the US in December 2005, they flew south to New Zealand, meeting bloggers along the way, and have gradually been edging their way further north through Australia and Asia, currently in China. Sachi appears to be the saner and quieter of the couple, while Lee seems to be hellbent on poisoning himself by eating the worst local delicacy that he can find, like 100 year old eggs and snails and getting a tattoo in Japan.

We trust that by clicking onto some new blogs that you learn a thing or two that you didn’t know before!

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Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Well at least it's not Groundhog Day. Okay, I did it but didn't stick with five references, and I put you up there. Okay? In a rush and didn't post pics yet.

Lee said...

We're honored to make your BlogDay list. Thanks NZM!

Shannon said...

Thanks. I'm touched to have made your list. I've added mine. Love all the pics. Take me with you to Greece next time!

Pandabonium said...

Thanks, Momo and I are honored. Did my Blog Day post as well. Cheers.

amit varma said...

Wow, thanks, I'm honoured. We're not worthy, and so on.

George Hari Popescu said...


Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

Happy Blog Day!!!

Yummy blog tips, thank you for that!

MamaDuck said...

Damn. Missed it! 1.20 in the a.m on Friday September 1st - easing back into bad habits. I don't know when I'm ever going to follow all these links you come up with! Lovely idea, though. Next year? ;)

Mise said...

Didn't do it either ... yours would be on the list though :-D ....I've got to start reading some more, starting with these ...I don't know where you get the time! I suppose it's a case of 'If you want to get something done, ask a busy person'. :-D

Tainted Female said...

I can not believe I forgot to do this, even after making a note the night before that this was how I was meant to spend the next day. LOL! I’ll have to attempt it again, sometime later… A bended rule, yeah? And I’ll be sure to take a look at some of the blogs you’ve linked here, too!