20 August 2006

Our blog as a graph

Here's something to do when you have a spare 5 minutes - click on this link, type in your blog URL, and see the pretty picture take shape.

This is our blog in a graphic format.

The colours mean different things:
Blue: links
Red: tables
Green: div tag
Purple: images
Yellow: forms
Orange: linebreaks and blockquotes
Black: html tag root node
Gray: all other tags

We have a lot of images!

Other bloggers who visit our blog and have posted graphs of their blogs are:
Sharron Kidney-Stone
Secret Arabian
I Think; Therefore I am - where Krishna also has a representation of the internet as of Jan 2005 - it looks like a galaxy!
Everyday Dubai

If you also post a graph on your blog, send me the link in the Comments section, and I'll post it here too.


Desert Lady said...

Totally bizarre but quite therapeutic!

Mise said...

I did it...looks like a birds-eye-view of Heathrow Airport! :-D

Pandabonium said...

Way cool. Beautiful to watch as it builds.

Mise is almost right. I think it is Tegel airport and the purple dots are police with machine guns. The brown dot is your bag. Can't find the brown dot? So sorry.


Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

Fabulous! Looks like feathers of a peacock. Gonna try it now.

BuJ said...

very nice!!!
so where's my blog on this then?
i'm going to check out ma blog on this website.
looks very cool.. i wonder how scientific it is

Kishor Cariappa said...

That was cool. Will try it out.

trailingspouse said...

When I try to do this it says "htmlgraph can't be instantiated". Maybe it just doesn't like my blog :(

nzm said...

trailingspouse: I just tried your blog address, and it worked perfectly - it's pretty!

Try clicking on this link to see your blog graph: Wife in a Suitcase

It's possible that there's a java or html setting not quite right with your browser, or an incorrect blog URL typed in.

Krishna said...

Thanks for pointing out the site to me, the graph looks cool. Check out the internet graph also.

nzm said...

krishna: your blog is pretty, and that Internet graph is waaay cool!

MamaDuck said...

I tried this when I first got back, and really enjoyed watching the image blossom like multi-coloured cow parsley. I wish I'd saved it then, because the programme seems to be broken now. All I get is a blank screen. Shame. Gather ye cow parsley while ye may.

nzm said...

MamaDuck: works for me! Try it again.

MamaDuck said...

Thanks Sweetie, but no joy, not even with Habibi's URL. It could be something to do with the configuration of this new machine. Technical Support has already gone to bed, but I shall ask him about it in the morning.

What's this about Germany? I hope you're winning on points, severance package and your innate superiority to the powers that bloody shouldn't have. That goes for J too. Be brave!

urbanite82 said...

Awesome find! here is the link to my graphic:


nzm said...

Thanks Urbanite82 - have added your link!