2 July 2006

Washington whirl

We arrived by train into Washington DC at 7:00pm yesterday, and now at 9pm on Saturday night, we're sitting at Dulles Airport with 30mins to go before our plane leaves for London.

We felt right at home here, because next to the hotel was a construction site to remind us of Dubai!

The short stay duration made us determined that we were going to at least see the most famous Washingtonian building, so last night we leapt into a taxi and made it to the White House gates just on dusk.

The taxi driver told us that George was in Memphis – probably visiting Elvis - so sadly we didn’t get to meet him this time.

Dinner on the rooftop of the Washington Hotel gave us a grand view of the Washington Monument. The weather was perfect - warm and no wind - perfect for dining al fresco.

Then it was early(ish) to bed to prepare for rising at 6:00am to work on email backlogs before J gave a speech at a medical conference.

We came out to the airport early so that we could sit in the lounge, log-in and continue to work on emails. Sometimes, we hate email - especially those that take a long time to formulate a response to - and of course an immediate reply is always expected. I almost look forward to spam, just for the satisfaction of doing nothing but deleting it from my Inbox!


Harsha said...

ahaha.. I could send you mine.

Hey so what exactly is it that you guys do.. as in professionally. If its something you're ok to reveal on your blog.

I dont know if you have before..

Jin said...

I'm also curious about your profession (like Harsha)! I bet you were just gutted that Georgie Boy wasn't at home hey? LOL
Next time you go away, can I put an order in for fridge magnets please?

Dubai Sunshine said...

Georgie boy was in fact visiting Elvis' home....He went there with Japanese prime minister Koizumi, who, it seems, is a big Elvis fan!

Seabee said...

When you get back here you won't be able to find your way home - they're changing all the roads again. That's why the palm trees went.

I haven't worked out what they're doing but it looks pretty drmatic...

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

Ahh I wouldn't mind dining al fresco with that view! Well for now my cute balcony on the first floor will have to do... lol

No Bush? What a let down... I'm sure you'll get over it... ;)

Take care y'all

nzm said...

We're 2 hard workers making a living in the computer software industry - travelling to meet with clients, partners, colleagues, analysts, and sometimes even arseholes and idiots. On the way, we speak at conferences, attend tradeshows, and try to have a life inbetween. That's why we make the most of every opportunity we get!

Jin - I'm already collecting magnets for my mother. Her NZ fridge is a where's where of where the whole family have been! I swore that I'd never get into the magnet thing, but recently have found myself "succumbing" to the urge. Most of them are crap nowadays.

DS - that's too funny, I didn't know that! The Japanese are nuts on Elvis. We walked through a park in Tokyo one Sunday, and there were a whole lot of Elvis impersonators - it was hilarious! And all their girls dressed up in 50s dresses!

Seabee - sounds like fun! I wonder how long it's going to take to get back to normal. But something had to be done - the traffic situation was getting very dangerous with lots of accidents as people pulled out of the marina driveways into the paths of speeding maniacs.

SS - we're grateful when we can sit outside anywhere. To get away from the computers, we went for an hour walk in London tonight. It was gorgeous - walked over the Millenium Bridge, past the Eye, over Westminster Bridge, past Big Ben, back through Trafalgar Square to our hotel - where we now sit at 2am still working!

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

Ahh I just got back from London few days back... Am going soon again. That city can definately swallow you with its delights.

No one can accuse y'all for not being hardworking! I feel you on the sit outside at any chance...Computers are just seeing too much of us humans... Hope today went well. I just got my vacation sorted and I'm sooooooooooo gonna travel. Yummie!