19 July 2006

Moving Out

We just received word from our landlord that he's cashing out and moving back to his homeland which means that the apartment that we rent from him is now on the market.

We'll be homeless in September!

If anyone can help us by recommending:
- a reliable real estate agent with rental properties preferably in the Marina area
- a reliable moving company
- any apartments that are for rent

We'd love to hear from you!


Harsha said...

cant you continue staying there inspite of ur owner changing?

nzm said...

harsha - we'd love to, but as the place hasn't been sold yet and we don't know what the new owners' intentions will be for the place, we can't take the risk.

The reason for the September deadline is because our lease runs out then, and we won't be renewing knowing that the place is on the market and could be sold at any time.

Seabee said...

That's happening to so many people, owners of single apartments selling up. Trying to find an apartment in a block that's wholly owned by a company, or a few floors of it are, might give you more certainty of a long lease..

Harsha said...

If you've noticed in the papers..people usually mention in the ads, when the apartment is leased out uptil. Investors respond to such ads so that they dont have to go around looking for tenents.

Else to be on a safer side, refer to the Freehold, property1 and Property2 supplements of Gulf News... they are flooded with apartments for rent including Dubai Marina.

Hope you find a nice home in Dubai if unable to continue living in this one.

Sandie said...

I am so sorry, I will try my best to find a place for you... Sandie

Louis said...

DANZAS, Freightworks; I heard these guys are pretty good packers/movers. As and when I come across more names, I'll post em here. Good luck :-)

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

Oh dear me. I'm sure you will find a place soon enough! :)

zingtrial said...

Hi! liked reading your blog,Thanks for sharing,I am sure you will find another place,Wish you well,

Louis said...

KRT (Kanoo Rapid Transit) they're into packing/moving. Located in the Al-Quoz area, check em out as well.

trailingspouse said...

We just went through the same scenario. Unfortunately it's a real problem when renting from an individual landlord, as opposed to a corporate one; so many of them are cashing out right now. According to stories I have heard of recent Rent Tribunal hearings, you might be able to force him to renew for another year at the 15% rent increase and give you a full year's notice to leave. However you will then be out on the open market again and goodness knows what rents will be by then. Your best bet is to find a corporate landlord - at least you will have some security of tenure - but hard to do in the Marina area.

As for moving - we used EuroMovers in May this year and were very satisfied. Good luck!

Dubai Sunshine said...

Nice template!
Good luck with house/apartment hunting :) I'm sure you'll find somthing...And I'll keep an eye out for you.

nzm said...

Thanks for the comments and suggestions, team!

Keep 'em coming!


nzm said...

DS - yes, I like this template, although I'm also working on a 3 column one too.

I also want to do a nicer header, but that will have to wait for a while.

Louis said...

Nice page. Very jazzy.

kaya said...

Great job NZM. Like the new look.
But where am I?
What u dont wuv me no more? booohoohooo sniff sniff. snooooooorrrrrrrt!

I wil come and pack for you, Im the world's best packer. Having moved 7 homes, 2 countries and 4 states in 12 years.
Never broke a thing ,never lost a thing.

nzm said...

kaya - you're still there - look for curiouser and curiouser under the heading Blogs in the UAE.

Thanks for the offer of help with the packing - you're truly sweet! Luckily both J and I are not hoarders and we don't have much junk to take - it's all clothes, kitchenware and furniture.

It's just the thought of moving and then having to deal with getting all the services connected that's not appealing to us!

And we so love our apartment! We had just agreed with the landlord to stay another year, but he then decided to sell up and go back to Greece.

Btw Kaya - when do you leave for Firefly Resort?

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

OOOHHH Blog-over!

Looking good. Makes me think of Aubergine. I'm thinking about fod a lot lately, hmm.

Well if you ask me, I say we all go back to basics. Let's live in the woods and the desert! Plenty of room. Not to mention, no neighbours!

Ok perhaps not. You did say all suggestions were welcome, no?

Good luck you two :)

nzm said...

SS - you say aubergine, and I say baingan! lol.

Thanks for your suggestions re living quarters - I think that I'll pass!

Seabee said...

Thae new look was a surprise when I checked in - the layout & colours look good.

kaya said...

We leave for BKK on the 2nd, and if all goes well (which Inshallah it will) and all the hospital stuff over we leave for KUL on th 12th.
Its an odd holiday. looking forward to the break on one side and scared to face any nasty news on the other.

nzm said...

Thanks Seabee!

Kaya - have a safe trip and I trust that all will be well on both sides - keep the faith.

Jin said...

Spiffy new look!! Your blog ID pic reminds me of a place in Malawi.....I'll have to send you the pic :-)

nzm said...

Thanks Jin - they are similar!

Our current ID blog image was taken on a high plateau in the Hajjars behind Khasab. It's beautiful country.

While J and her mother were squatting in a ditch behind us to take a pee, her father and I were facing the other way taking photos of the road! lol

KJ said...

wish u all the best in finding a new apt.

cool template, love the look.



nzm said...

Thanks KJ!

BTW - I haven't forgotten my promise to you re the GeoLoc map which is at the side of this blog.

They've never reopened the subscriptions, and ours expired last night, so we're back to the free version. I'd love to keep it going as I think that it's one of the nicest looking maps, but I can't re-subscribe, and my emails to them bounce back!

It looks they may be out of business.

Mise said...

Can't help you with the accommodation ....but good luck with the search .... Nice new look! :-D

(((dXb))) said...

This new blog template is really neat! Very nice!

Don't worry, you'll find a nice place!

Jassim said...

Good luck

Arabized said...

i feel so useless because i have no idea about the real estates,moving companis, or any apartments that are for rent in dubai (or the uae for that matter).


man that really sucks, you dont really have that much time left.

sorry and good luck!