10 June 2006

Who's looking at who?

M's nephew and the Mapua aquarium octopus size each other up!


Dubai Sunshine said...

Awww...he is such a cutie!

(your nephew...not the octopus!) :)

nzm said...

Well - the octopus was pretty cute too!

And you should have seen the eels - they were like kittens as they rose to the surface of their tank to be petted. They had the most gorgeous blue eyes!

CG said...

OMG...that octopus is soooooooo creepy.
Your nephew looks very brave..

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

What a beautiful creature! (both nephew and octopus! lol)

Imagine that we share this world, mankind and animals and fish and all have one source and look how extremely different we have turned out. Fascinating really. Beauty!

nzm said...

CG - octopus are such cool creatures, and I was surprised to learn that this octopus does not live past 2 years old which seems a shame that such a beautiful intelligent creature wouldn't live longer. Diving with them can be a memorable experience.

My nephew has no fear - everything is a constant source of wonder and intrigue!

SS - yes, both of them are rather gorgeous! I agree with your comment - it is amazing.

(((dXb))) said...

I didn't know eels can be petted... am sure those are not the electic ones... =) How does petting an eel feel like?

Btw, you're blog has so much positive energy... always go here to calm myself. =)

nzm said...

(((dxb))) - thanks for the comments on our blog energy!

No - the eels aren't the electric type. They feel soft and a bit slimy, but they seem to like the contact. There are also warning signs all around the tank that they will bite, so we were very careful!

Will post a photo of them.