29 May 2006

San Francisco - the week that was

This past week has been spent in San Francisco - sunny, windy and cold. When we haven't been working, we've been walking, and we've managed to see 2 movies.

Da Vinci Code was really good - the clues came at a furious pace, but what can be expected from an adaptation of a novel with so much to tell?

X-men 3 was fun! A bit of escapism never hurt anyone, and that's what this movie was all about. If you get to see it, you HAVE to stay until the end of the credits in order to s
ee the last additional scene! That will be a challenge for the Dubai audiences - staying through the credits!

Haven't taken many photos as we've been here so many times. Here are a few from the hotel window - what great views from hotels w
e've had on this trip.

This first one is for MamaDuck!


MamaDuck said...

Yay! And you're home! What's the flying time? But the Alien tag? Where is home? Have a lovely time - that poster is breathtaking - will you get into the wild blue yonder? Stupid question, I know. Enjoy!

nzm said...

Flying time from LAX was about 12 hours.

The alien tag is because being in certain countries doesn't make me feel at home - home is where my heart is, and it's not ruled by any country. Home is being with people I love and in situations in which I feel comfortable - that defines home for me!

The closest I'll get to the countryside on the poster is when I visit my brother and his partner in Nelson at the top of the South Island. For scenery like the poster shot, you need to go deep into the South Island.