2 May 2006

Hurried Haikus

Inspired by MamaDuck on toot! via Keefie’s blog, and Dengrous Boy's prozac inspiration, I toss my hat into the ring.

Let the Haiku wars begin!

As I’m about to head off to the airport – here are a few spur of the moment ones.

Heading out the door
Got to go to d x b
Aussie friend to meet


Down Sheikh Zayed Road
To the airport I’m going
Pray that I am safe


On the Dubai roads
Moryarti sees morons
Pictures he will take


Summer surprises
Modhesh in yellow glory
Terrifies the kids


This is fun, but I really gotta go!

OK - now I'm back, and while waiting at the airport for T to appear, I thought of a few more!


Keefieboy is sad
Samosas past use-by date
toot's top 10 not made


Two Sunshine sisters
Abu Dhabi and Dubai
Blogs of note they write


Stolen slippers fund the trip
SD returns rich


and so to bed!


Dubai Sunshine said...

Have a wonderful trip! Enjoy it, take lots of pictures and keep posting!

nzm said...

DS - I don't leave until either Thurs or Fri, but I'll do what you say!

Jin said...

I prefer yours to Keefies, but I'm staying out of the war! Enjoy your trip & ditto on the photos - HEAPS of them are expected to shine thru on your blog!
When are you back??

Dubai Sunshine said...

Ohhh...I thought you were leaving last night! Welcome back :) Oh and I like this Haiku thing....

nzm said...

Jin - I got one for you - made it up in the shower this morning - as you do! lol.

Jin's about to fly
To South Africa she goes
Family to see


nzm said...

Oops - forgot to answer the question! This trip is a long one - 2 weeks in Berlin, 1 week in New York, 5 days in San Francisco and 2 weeks in NZ. The last 2 weeks are holiday for me to catch up with the family.

Grumpy Goat said...

With regard to your Summer Surprises haiku, I really did LOL.

archer14 said...

Haikus remind me of confucius...

Man who stand on toilet high on pot.
Man who jump off cliff, jump to conclusion.
Man who run behind car get exhausted.

more here

MamaDuck said...

You are the haiku queen - Summer Surprises fab! Just give me a couple of days to dash off a spontaneous riposte.

archer14 - no wonder Confucius is popular. Going to humorsphere NOW.

BuJ said...

i know this sounds a bit stupid but can someone remind me what Haiku is and how to write it?

I remember it was some kind of Japanese poetry.. or form of poetry... and is written usually in 3 lines and links to the seasons.. but there must be more to it :)

oh, and nice post M&J and happy travelling

nzm said...

buj - yes - ancient haiku did refer to the seasons, but the western adaptations soon changed that! lol

it's a 3 line poem

1st line has 5 syllables
2nd line has 7 syllables
3rd line has 5 syllables

go to it! :-)

Jassim said...

ya alla i hav no idea what u people are talking about. i feel like such an expat.

MamaDuck said...

Bon voyage happy wanderer.

Westbound, five miles up,
The dreamer sets a new course.
The Southern Cross gleams.

nzm said...

Jassim - don't worry, we all feel like that sometimes! lol

Mamaduck - that's so sweet - thank you! The haiku is fantastic! There's nothing like seeing the Southern Cross to feel at home - even in Mauritus!

Jin said...

Awww thank you for my own personal haiku! I wish you well on your trip. I doubt very much if I'll be online much in the near future, cos of moving & getting internet reconnected & then going home on holiday, but I'll try my best to 'pop in' every now & then
Hambagahle (Zulu for 'go well') & don't forget the pics!

BuJ said...

Thanks NZM for that! Maybe i'll give it a go :)

sky said...

Thanks BuJ for asking what the hell haiku's are. All of a sudden I saw them pop up on several blogs and felt like I'd missed a whole chapter..:S

Especially that nzm dedicated a haiku to my sis and I. Awww..:)

Hope you have a great trip nzm!

BuJ said...

sky... better to declare one's ignorance before one is called a fool :)

ya3ni mish 3eib el wa7ad yis2al, bas 3eib yedal saket.
(it's not bad to ask, but it's bad to stay quiet).

KJ said...

Bon Voyage....

Happy holidays...

Get loads n loads of pictures....

Enjoi urself...