28 April 2006

Just another laid back Friday

Today has been one of those days in Dubai that I love the most.

For a start, it’s the weekend!

As a bonus, the weather has been stunning – clear skies, warm, cool breeze blowing to take the edge of the heat – and best of all, the prevailing smog layer wasn’t so prevalent.

Here’s a shot taken of this evening’s sunset. The special thing about it is that the sun set at the horizon tonight. Normally it has disappeared behind the heat/smog/dust layer long before it gets anywhere near sinking into the sea.


secretdubai said...

Wow - that is quite incredible to see the sun do that here.

Lovely photo.

moryarti said...

nothing like a peaceful day at home on the weekend ..

A Yahya said...

Yeap, some things about Dubai still make me smile :-)

kaya said...

Friday? What is a friday?
I don't think I have ever encountered one of those days in my week?
Is it that twilite zone between thursday afternoon and saturday morning? The witching hour?
But what a sunset eyy. WAH WAH!

Jin said...

Lovely photo & I'm envious of your view!

nzm said...

Kaya - get off the drugs - now!

Desert Lady said...

Such a lovely picture. I must admit i'm sitting here (in sunny England) looking a little green!

Is that Jebel Ali Sailing Club in the background??

nzm said...

Hi Desert Lady - welcome!

Yes - that's the JASC.

BuJ said...

isn't this the grosvenor house place?

M&J that pic is super beautiful. thnx for sharing!