22 March 2006

toot Map

The toot people have created a toot map on Frappr which hopefully will remain unblocked for those with cretinous internet providors who seem bent on spoiling everyone's fun.

Members of toot can go to the map and plug themselves in.

We can even download images that can be made into a movie, and with the code embedded into the blog template, it can play like this:

Cool huh?

As more images get added by more members, it will get even better.

I have it permanently displayed at the bottom of this page.


kaya said...

Hey nzm, Do you remember that song from the 80's, 'Dont mess with my TOOT TOOT". Forgot who sang it. So funny. Do not know why but I just remembered it.
Have a good weekend.

nzm said...

lol, Kaya!

It was a one-hit wonder for a woman called Denise Lasalle, but had actually been released by Fats Domino way before her.

OK - now I have a brain worm, because all that's going around in my head is Donna Summer's Bad Girls where the girls in the background are going, "Toot toot - hey - beep beep!"


you have a good weekend too!