1 March 2006

I got run over by Chevygirl

Keefieboy tagged CG, who in turn tagged me – and now I have to answer these questions and tag 4 more suckers, who will now hate me for doing this!

I also figured out while answering the questions, that I’m pretty boring. However, I think that it’s better than turning into a frog. (Stop threatening us, Keefie!)

Four jobs that I’ve had:

- shopgirl in a bakery
- bartender
- photographer
- prolab operations manager

Four movies that I could watch over and over:
- Lord of War
- Hello Dolly
- Contact
- The Fifth Element

Four places where I’ve lived
- Suva, Fiji
- Tauranga, NZ

- Auckland, NZ
- Dubai, UAE

Four TV shows that I like:
- I have to bail out of this one, because I don’t watch TV

Four places where I’ve vacationed:
- Hawaii, USA
- Hong Kong, China
- Sydney, Australia
- Reethi Ra, Maldives

Four of my favourite dishes:
- Anything with shellfish or crustaceans
- Anything curried
- Anything barbequed
- My stirfry – lots of veges and heaps of chillies!

Four sites that I visit daily:
- NZ Herald
- Gulf News
- UAE Community Blog
- toot – The Arab blog network

Four Books that I’ve read this year - this year?
C’mon, it’s just gone March!

The last four books that I’ve read:
- The Journey Home – A Kryon Parable: Lee Carroll
- Polar Shift: Clive Cussler
- Who says Elephants can’t Dance?: Louis V. Gerstner, Jr.
- Muhammad – a biography of the Prophet: Karen Armstrong

Four Bloggers (sorry people!) that I’m going to tag with this:
Dubai Sunshine
Abu Dhabi Sunshine



Keefieboy said...

Hey, who's threatening anybody? And from what I can make out, frogs have a pretty good life...

nzm said...

If you like kissing other frogs, then I guess it would be an ok life!

Harsha said...

somehow a lot of ppl mention "the 5th element' as a movie they'd lke to watch again n again - thats a movie i'd like to categorise as NEVER TO SEE AGAIN