12 March 2006

Bound for New York

Today, we're on our way to New York by train, from Baltimore.

We have some good news re our luggage - after 6 days, all 4 pieces have apparently been found and are being delivered to our hotel in New York.

We're not celebrating yet - we have no idea of the condition of it, whether it's still intact; or even if it's our luggage!

We'll either be doing the happy dance tonight or drowning our sorrows at the bar.

We aren't the only ones with missing luggage who have travelled through Germany - fellow Kiwi blogger, Rod Drury, has this tale to tell.

See you on the other side!

UPDATE: Doing the happy dance! Luggage all safely delivered, although my case had been searched and everything was a total mess inside. Only thing missing appears to be my spare camera battery. So we're now more relaxed and can head into this VERY busy week with all our expo signage and our clothes! Sky: the margarita was good!


samuraisam said...

do you EVER stop travelling?

sky said...

You should be at the bar either way, happy or sad!

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

Well do keep us up to date on the state of your luggage.

And naturally, why should you ever stop travelling ey? Nothing better :)

nzm said...

Sam - it sometimes feels like that's all we do, especially on stressful trips like this when things like missing luggage add to the pressures of travelling, meetings, tradeshows - and still trying to keep up with the everyday business tasks via email and Skype. Lufthansa crews are starting to greet us with "Welcome Home" as we board the aircraft, and we're even getting some of the crews recognising us from previous trips!

Sky - I hear ya! There's a Margarita with my name on it during dinner tonight! :-)

SS - Travelling is fun. This episode of missing luggage makes us realise how seldom we experience problems when we do travel so often.

UPDATE on the luggage: We have the 2 expo cases in the hotel room and they aren't going to be let out of our sight! We now have full signage for the show, so we're happier than before!

Our 2 clothes cases have yet to arrive, but Lufthansa did promise them today - we'll see!

moryarti said...

YAY .. :)

Seabee said...

Good news about the bags. Now you can relax and enjoy the trip :-)

nzm said...

Moryarti - yeah! :-)

Our booth and signage looks great - all of our US colleagues are very impressed!

If ever you need signage, contact the Al Calily Group and ask for Rami. He's a very cool guy who will help you with whatever you need.

Seabee - don't know that this will be a relaxing time for us, but it'ssure made easier with luggage and signage. We're about to start our day here. Among the many appointments:
- J has a keynote speech to deliver this morning
- we're also launching news of our latest software releases and also a new workflow product
- another colleague Vince also has a panel to present on
- we have key customers on panels to promote our company
- one of our Systems Integrator partners is also here to push our system
- throughout the next 4 days we have endless meetings happening throughout the days and over lunches and dinners, and even breakfast!
- an all day User Group meeting on Wednesday
- an all day Partner Meeting on Thursday
- meetings with strategic partners on Friday

We'll be getting on the plane on Friday night and collapsing!

Sayonara - must start the day!

A Yahya said...

you guyz are international spies, secret agents or something? i am thinking 'Mr and Mrs Smith' or even (God forbid) 'True Lies'.

nzm said...

a yahya - if I told you the truth, I'd then have to kill you! :-)

No - just IT people struggling to make it in the real world! We're just lucky enough to travel heaps while doing it - although living in a plane does wear thin after a while.