16 February 2006

tooting our own horn

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Our blog has been chosen to appear on toot.

The incredibly hard-working webmasters monitor the best of Arabian Arabic and English language blogs from around the Middle East and promote them on their fresh and clean website, complete with RSS feeds to pick up the latest posts as they happen.

To quote the good people at toot:
“We witnessed something amazing and decided to start this site! Across Arabia and all around the world, intelligent, passionate, interesting, funny, knowledgeable and courageous people are using the web to make their voices heard. It started with a few, then a few hundred. Now, thousands of them are taking to their keyboards and starting to write blogs, share their knowledge, pictures, opinions, emotions and life. This is big!”

Visit the toot site to see the list of the best blogs in the Middle East - it's the best opportunity that you have to understand what is happening to the ordinary folk in this region in their everyday lives - and what they write isn't being influenced (censored) by governments or the press.

This is real life.


Keefieboy said...

Congratulations on your tootosity!

Seabee said...

Well done you two :-)

sky said...

The folks over at Toot obviously know what they're talking about!

nzm said...

Thanks gang!

We're in some very prestigious company on toot.

I've started to read through some of the other blogs like "Baghdad Burning" and "Living in Gaza City".

I found myself crying at some of the things that these people have to endure as part of their everyday lives.

It's very sobering - powerful stuff

Roba said...

Ooh, we here at toot are flattered! It's great having you abroad.

nzm said...

Thanks, Roba!

Keep up the great work!

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

Indeed powerful blog Living In Gaza City.. she's a fellow swede of mine.
Ah well Congra-toot-lations is in order...

ok...lame...very lame, I know..

nzm said...

Thanks Shaykhspeara Sha'ira for the congrats!

The post in Living in Gaza City that details Imaan, with her kids, getting out and back to Sweden via Cairo is compelling to read - you can just feel the concern and the fears - and then the relief to finally be safe again.

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

Yeah I was on edge reading that too... there are people out there who stare fear in the eye and yet go heads to heads with it. Others take a charter flight to mallorca...