23 January 2006

Toothless Twilight

M had a tooth removed this evening, and she’s feeling not too bad. It was over in less than 15 minutes, and there was absolutely no pain – even from the injections.

Mind you, the injections haven’t worn off yet!

We can thoroughly recommend our dentists Drs. Nicholas and Asp on the Jumeirah Beach Road – the whole team is fantastic.

Almost makes going to the dentist a fun experience.



(((dXb))) said...

Were you on your way to the dentist when you witnessed the "Cracked windscreen and very red face!" as you posted in joncastle's blog?

nzm said...

No - on our way back.

It was hard not to laugh too hard and risk loosening the stitches!

The guy's car was not well - I think that they would have had to tow it out of the hole!

It looked quite festive with all the cones and roadwork streamers strewn across it!


(((dXb))) said...

It was hard not to laugh too hard and risk loosening the stitches!

I thought you were on your way hence you said "going to the dentist a fun experience". =D

nzm said...

Yeah - the real fun happened after the dentist visit when we witnessed this guy running off the road!

Foo said...

Dubai is so small...I was at Drs. Nicholas the same day...btw I do like the AboutMe section of your site and have been meaning to write a quick note - so nice to see a positive outlook about this place - it's exactly the way I feel about Dubai - same as joncastle's blog and his drive up SZR :-)

nzm said...

Hi Foo

wow - we almost met! :-)

Thanks for your comments.

We love Dubai and we're lucky that we're in a position to enjoy it.

Of course, there are times when we get frustrated with heavy traffic, poor service, lousy tv programs etc, but then it was the same back home! :-)

I love your blog too - your daughter is very cute, and the pics of you all out and about having a fun time make me smile!

Thanks for stopping by!