6 January 2006

The ICE trains

Arriving back in Göttingen on the rural train, we changed over to the ICE train to travel to Stuttgart.

These trains are awesome, and travel at speeds of up to 250kph. On one stage of the journey, we sat in the carriage directly behind the driver, and we were able to sit behind him to watch him drive the train, and see what he could see. It was like being at the movies, with the camera mounted behind the head of a starfighter pilot as he do
dges and weaves through space!

I managed a couple of photos of the snow-covered countryside, but it was hard to get decent images with the speed of the train and the reflections in the windows.

We arrived in Stuttgart, and missed our city train connection by 10 seconds – mainly due to M’s inability to push through crowds as skillfully as J can do it! So, instead of waiting an hour for the next train, we decided to try the suburban trains.

We were in luck – 10 mins on the platform and the train to Herrenberg came along. We hopped on, and in less than an hour, we were greeting our friends, P&M at the Herrenberg train station.


Oberon said...

.......the trees are......fabulous.

nzm said...

Thanks, Oberon!

I liked them too.

I love old trees, and Germany seems to be full of them, as well as Japan in the shrines.

Their energy is incredible.