21 November 2005

Miserable in Munich

We're in transit in Munich, Germany - and glad to be leaving soon.

We left a comparatively balmy 25degC in Dubai early this morning, and now we're sitting here in -2degC with snow on the ground.

It was an eventful landing. About 20m off the ground, the pilot aborted the first attempt due to a wind shear warning from the tower. The plane suddenly accelerated and went straight back up in the air, but we all remained calm! The s
econd approach was successful.

Munich Airport is in chaos with a lot of flights either delayed or cancelled.

We feel like we're in the middle of a Richard Scarry book - A Day at the Airport, perhaps?!

We should be leaving in about an hour, although our flight hasn't yet appeared on the Departure Board.

Oh well - hopefully see you on the other side when we reach Tokyo.